Learn Secrets Behind Tinder | Get 12x More Matches And Dates

Think its all about Looks?, This course will Prove you Wrong with its Detailed Step-by-step Strategies

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What you’ll learn

  • Perspective of Girls On Tinder and How they Swipe
  • The Impact and State of Online Dating in 2019

  • Tinder’s Secret Ranking Algorithm (2019 Updated)

  • Why Tinder is the best as compared to other Apps
  • Photos that leverage Tinder's Algorithm
  • Writing a Bio that makes her like your profile instantly
  • Proven and Highly Successful Conversation starters on tinder (with my real examples)
  • What to talk about with the Girl
  • How to Get the Phone Number of Your Tinder Match
  • A Deep Analysis of Successful Tinder Conversations
  • How to Set up a Date with Your Tinder Match
  • Properly Structuring your Conversations to get what you want
  • The Anatomy of a Tinder Date
  • The Fine Details to Perfect your Non-Verbal Impression on the Date
  • Master the Art of Subtle Flirting
  • How and What to Talk about on the Date
  • Closing the Tinder Date to get what you want
  • How to follow up After a Successful Tinder Date


  • Willingness to Implement the Strategies Taught in the Course


What this Course has to Offer?

I believe in proposing anything and everything with sufficient evidences (Screenshots of Successful Tinder Stories and Testimonials can be seen on our Website, Flirzy).

Why? Because there are 100s of courses online are only trying to Provide Theory with Advise that never works on you.

That’s Exactly I don’t want to.

That’s why in this Course, I’ll be Revealing My Detailed Step-by-Step Fool Proof Strategy to Optimize your profile according to Tinder’s Latest Algorithm in 2019 (Older hacks don’t work anymore) to get atleast 12x Your Current Tinder Matches, Guaranteed, or maybe 164 Matches in 5 Days, if you take this course seriously.

I’ll also reveal my “4 Level Funnel Technique” which can get you the Phone Number within 6 Messages of Matching , 90% of the times.

After Thorough Study of Female Psychology, I’ll also provide a Step-by-Step Bifurcation for you, so you can be Confident enough to Present the Best Version of Yourself on the REAL date and get what you are looking for.

Why Exactly 12x?

Based upon the results of 100+ Men whom I’ve personally mentored with online dating, average number of matches increased to 12x their Current Tinder Matches per Person.

After Effects of taking this course

  • Start Getting 12x Matches a Day, Atleast.

You Don’t get more matches by becoming more attractive.

You get them by changing how you are perceived to be on Tinder, by both the Girl and the Tinder’s Algorithm.

  • Girls Will Message you First, More often Than You think.

Girls only message first, when they see something different in your profile that makes them interested.

You can trigger that anytime you want with the special tricks I’ll be sharing in the course.

  • Get Numbers Quickly with the Conversational Funnel Strategy.

Having the Conversation with a random person you’ve never talked to before to make them like you is no easy task.

But, by following my Step-by-Step funnel structure. You’ll more phone number than you talk with.

  • You’ll be Superliked like never before.

Everything is pretty much easy, whether thats the conversation or the actual date, when a girl SuperLikes you.

You’ll get more super liked than every after you have made Yourself seem so Interesting with a hint of Mystery that the girl would feel FOMO (Fear of Missing out) for chatting with you.

(Screenshots of Successful Tinder Stories and Testimonials can be seen on our Website, Flirzy).

Who this Course is for?

  • People who are not satisfied by the number of matches they’re currently getting on Tinder and want to 12x that.

  • People who are want to present an Authentic Tinder Profile that is attractive without pretending you’re someone else.

  • People who want to Replicate Success through Real Examples and Practical Psychological Reasons behind what works and what doesn’t.

  • People who are Tired of using same copy/pasted pickup lines that never work.

  • People who are willing to follow my Strategic Conversational Guide to get phone number of girl and convert them into dates.

  • People who have the determination to improve their personality and learn how to present the best version of themselves on the real date to make her instantly like you.

If you have all these traits in you and a desire to learn, then it doesn’t matter if –

  • You Have Never Had any Success on Tinder

  • You think you’re Not Good Looking enough

  • You Don’t have the right physique

  • You feel Under-confidant in your ability to meet beautiful women

This Course will take care of all of that,

And guide you through the exact steps that you need to take, to get more Matches and Dates

And Guarantees Taking your Confidence through the roof while you’re on the Date with the Most Beautiful Girls.

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