Is Your House Haunted? A Course To Explore The Paranormal

Course on experiences and a methodology to investigate spirits, ghosts, and explore if your home could be haunted.

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn How To Document and Identify Paranormal Occurrences
  • Learn about dark shadows
  • Learn about orbs
  • Learn about how objects can be haunted
  • Learn about types of hauntings
  • Learn what to look for and what to rule out
  • Where to get outside help and some self help suggestions


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In this course we will be exploring together.  Do you think your home might be haunted?   We will discuss types of hauntings, how a location can become haunted, different ways a haunting can be experienced, dark shadows, orbs, misplaced objects, how to document and research, electrical disturbances, haunted objects, house blessings and so much more.

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