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What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to successfully sell yourself and confidently answer questions in a corporate interview.
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The Interview for Success course will give you a leading edge in your corporate job interview.  Letting you in on the secrets to success and building superb answers, which will boost your confidence and have you enter any interview knowing how to make the best impact on your interviewers.

Master the Interview Process and Boost your Confidence

Learn the secrets to interview success and how to apply them yourself at your next interview

Predict which questions are likely to arise

Know how to structure your answers and sell yourself

Become more confident and present yourself with style

This Course Covers all the Main Corporate Interviewing Styles, so you wont get Caught Out.

This course will enable you to be interview prepared for a multitude of interviewing styles including:

Structured Interviews

Behavioural Competency interviews

Situational Interviews

Technical Interviews

Casual Interviews

Video and Digital Interviews

Internal and External Interviews

Promotional Interviews

No matter what interview style you face, you are covered

World leading corporations, companies, Small Medium Enterprises and Start-ups use a job interview style covered in this course.

You may not know in advance what style of interview they will use.  Knowing and understanding how to predict and answer the questions that can arise, in each style of interview, is going to dramatically boost your confidence.  Through taking this course you will know you are ready for any interview coming your way.

Section 1

Well start the course with a section that introduces you to all the main interview styles, and what is involved, so you know what to expect.

Section 2

Then well do a deep dive into the most common of job interview, what we in HR call the Structured Interview, which is just called a standard job interview. We will break this down into question themes which includes:

How to tell them about you in a way that will impress them from the get go

Why you are motivated to work at their company in the job you are applying to

You will know how to outline your biggest achievement to make them go Wow!

You will give answers that convey great knowledge about them and the role, so you can show off your excellent research skills

You will understand the diplomacy and tact in answering questions about who their competitors are or any challenges they are facing.

Section 3

Then we introduce the most challenging style of job interview, the ‘Behavioural Competency Interview’. By the end of this section you will wonder what all the fuss is about because you will become expert at predicting behavioural competency questions and their follow up probing questions too.

You will know exactly how to formulate and structure a Behavioural Competency Answer in the best way

You will get to see great examples of the most common Behavioural Competency answers to help you shape your own unique answers

You will be let in on the secret to why Negative Behavioural Competency questions are not to be feared and more importantly how to answer them

Section 4

Then its on to the more ‘role specific’ style of interview, the ‘Situational’ and ‘Technical’ Interviews. Which are often incorporated into a ‘Structured Interview’ but these can also be a standalone Interview, in their own right.

You will get to know how to predict and anticipate Situational and Technical questions coming your way

You will know by the end of this section how to answer these tricky questions

You will get great tips on how to handle technical tests and how to prepare for them

Section 5

This section lets you know how to answer the challenging personal questions that can arise, such as explaining any gaps on your CV, answering those awkward questions on salary and how to best prepare for further rounds of interview, as most companies have second or more rounds.

You will learn how to explain gaps caused by maternity or paternity leave

You will understand what they are allowed to ask, legally, in relation to health issues and sick leave gaps

If you were unfortunate enough to be made redundant, or fired, this section will enable you to explain why

You will learn what to say to any questions about your current salary or salary expectations

You will work out how to come up with some super questions for them at the end of the interview

And you will learn how to prepare yourself for further interview rounds, and know how you can predict questions and ensure you are consistently impressive in each round

Section 6

This is all about personal presentation. Delivering great answers will go a long way to impress the interviewer but to get offered the job, this section is crucial.  And because we are confident that you will be in for a great chance of getting the job offer, there is super tips and advice on negotiating the contract and resigning.

You will learn tips on body language, speech and tone

What to wear to the interview

How to follow up after the interview in the right way

Handling yourself in contract negotiations professionally

This is the most concise and straight forward course on how to interview for success. By the end of this course you will have grown in interview confidence and know how best to answer and conduct yourself in the job interview to give yourself a great chance of getting the job offer.

Author(s): Clare Reed

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