How to Write Your Non-fiction Book with the Flat Plan Method

Make writing your book as simple as possible… almost like painting by numbers

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What you’ll learn

  • How to write a Non-fiction Book…
  • Researching your Non-fiction Book

  • Organizing your thoughts and ideas

  • Creating a Flat Plan to make the writing as easy as possible
  • Writing your first draft


  • No requirements, but it helps to have an inkling of an idea for the book you want to write


You are closer to your first book than you think…

  • Do you need to write a non-fiction book to support your business, authority, eminence, or reputation?

  • Or are you just burning to get your ideas in print?

Either way, you are one of the vast number of people who wants to write their first book.

And the good news is that it has never been easier.

It’s not just the revolution in publishing and technology that have transformed your ability to get your thinking out to a readership. The tools are now easily and cheaply available to make the writing process quicker and easier too.

Hi, I’m Dr Mike Clayton

I have written 14 books that have been published by international mainstream publishers like Macmillan, Pearson, and Wiley. My books have been translated into 11 additional languages and are licensed all over the world. I’ve also written ebooks to commission and self-published my own ebooks too.

So, I do know what I am doing, and I have a method that makes it easy.

It’s called the Flat Plan Method and in this course I’ll share it with you.

It isn’t the only way to write a book. And it won’t suit everyone. But I am sure that, if you follow it, you’ll find writing your first non-fiction book easier than you ever thought.

So, why not get started?

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