How To Become Motivated And Rewire Your Brain

Stop procrastinating, overcome your limited thoughts, rewire your brain, change your habits and achieve your goals – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to become self motivated


  • Write down questions and answer them


This course was designed to motivate those individuals who are seeking guidance and tips in improving their self-motivation.  The main topics of this course are.

  1. How self-motivation affects your life

  2. What is Neuroplasticity and steps to rewire your brain.

  3. What causes a lack of motivation

  4. What to do if you have no motivation

  5. How to become motivated

What will be discussed in each topic and different tips and strategies you can use to improve your motivation. 

How self-motivation affects your life:

  1. It is beneficial to your life

  2. Improves your attitude

  3. Improves overall health

  4. Leads to success

  5. Gives you strength physically/mentally

What is Neuroplasticity and step to rewire the brain:

  1. Learn a new language

  2. Play video games put together a puzzle

  3. Make/Listen to music

  4. Exercise

  5. Travel

  6. Make Art

What causes lack of motivation:

  1. You lack a strong reason why

  2. Your goal is overwhelming you

  3. You don’t believe in yourself

  4. Fear is holding you back

  5. You’re exhausted

What to do if you have no motivation:

  1. Get out of bed and pajamas

  2. Go for a walk/run

  3. Avoid negativity

  4. Stick to a routine

  5. Socialize

How to become motivated:

  1. Set goals

  2. Choose goals that interest you

  3. Make your goals public

  4. Plot your progress

  5. Use Rewards

  6. Don’t do it alone

Author(s): Vincent Kovacic

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