[Free] Free Personal Transformation Tutorial - Discovering Our Auric Field

Awareness of our full human body system creating tools in controlling emotions, supporting stress relief. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Identify the different Subtle Bodies and have a basic understanding of how they work with your physical body.
  • Relate the human body to the science of an atom and the understanding of quantum reality
  • Learn how the emotional body affects our day to day life
  • Take home tools to create awareness and strengthen your subtle and emotional body as a daily routine
  • Harness your own power of your emotions in ways you never knew possible!


  • Have a basic understanding of energy and Chakras
  • Have an open mind to learning about energy


Hi! Welcome to discovering another level of yourself. This class is not just to ‘Discover and understand the basic Subtle Body Layer System’, but to create a better awareness of the human body that we are living and how it functions. Have a basic grasp of the impact that the emotional body has on our daily life. Understand how each layer works with our Chakra system. Take home tools adding new techniques to our personal development, life and business.

This class will take you on a journey of awareness. Opening up new perceptions, allowing you to expand your mind around the reality we live in. The benefit is being able to strengthen and control your ability to harness your emotions. This creates less anxiety, depression and all-around stress-free lifestyle.

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