Free Motivation Tutorial – The Motivation Psychology Crash-Course for Business Leaders

Learn everything you need to know about Motivation Psychology to become a better Business Leader, Professional, Manager – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • You learn what motivation exactly is and how this influences our behavior.
  • You will see and hear the core concepts of motivation & behavior loops, learn more about the difference between emotions & feelings, and master the most important motivation theories everyone should know about when designing things for-, or working with people.
  • Introduction to the SIMPSIS-framework, which is developed to help business professionals apply motivation psychology in their daily job to built better products & services, communication campaigns, or motivate teams more effectively.
  • You learn everything you need to know about motivation to help you perform better in your job or with your business.


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This is a crash-course in Motivation & Behavioral Psychology for Business Leaders, Professionals, Managers, Entrepreneurs or anyone interested to know more about Human Behavior & Motivation.

In this crash course you will learn everything you need to know about Motivation Psychology which will save you tons of your precious time while having a great understanding about the Motivation & Behavior.

We only discuss the most relevant and most important concepts & theories that are applicable to business in terms of team motivation, employee performance, employee engagement and also customer engagement.

You also get an introduction to the SIMPSIS-Framework, a new framework that will help you apply these theories in practice to become a better leader & business professional.

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