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What you’ll learn

  • 1 How to train your focus.
  • 2 What are the 6 iron cables that stop you?
  • 3 What are the benefits of focus.
  • 4 What Are The 7 Things That Affect Your Focus?
  • 5 What is the 1 thing you need to do?


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We live in a world where it teaches you that you need to do several actions in parallel.

Today his employer expects employees to also be able to perform several operations at the same time. The main problem is that doing some actions at the same time divides our energy and concentration ability into several different tasks.

in our daily lives we doing several things simultaneously without knowing. That we do not Finish anything.

Because we concentrate on so many actions and we divide our energy into so many tasks we actually can’t finish what we started.

For example, when I hear a book and also clean my home, I divide my energy and focus on fifty-fifty. This is why it is very difficult for me to understand the book and also not sure that I will clean the house properly.

This lie that we need to do some actions at the same time was born from the domain of computers.

A computer is designed to perform several operations in parallel. But the ability to do some actions at the same time is not suitable for humans

We only have to take one action until we Finish the assignment.

I want to teach you how you can use your focus to achieve your goal.

I want to teach you that you can also take one action on achieving your goal.

If you’re reading a book, I don’t want you to hear music at the same time. I want to train you that you must concentrate solely on the book.

When you study for an examination and you also can’t browse Facebook, I want to teach you to concentrate on your studies.

When you watch a comedy show, I want you to learn how to concentrate on the movie and not surf the Internet at the same time

Besides, I want you to create a list of success, which lists three important things that you must do that day for your success.

And after you make the list I want you to do only 1 thing from the list until you finish making it to the end.

In this course, I will teach you how to create a focus habit that you can complete your assignments to the end.

See you on the other side

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