Fatherhood Mastery – How To Be A Good Dad

The best online course for expectant dads, new dads, and experienced dads

What you’ll learn

  • Improve your abilities as a Father
  • Understand what Fathers go through
  • Learn from the experiences of other Fathers


  • Willingness to Learn
  • Helps if you are a Dad or want to support a Dad
  • Desire to become a better Dad


Do you feel you can be a better father for your children?

Are you about to become a first time Dad?

The most fulfilling part of live is bring our children into the world, watching and guiding them as they grow. But many times we are conflicted in how we teach them and what behaviors we show them as they grow.

Your instructors, Ricky Shetty, father of three beautiful children under 6, and Scott Paton, with two sons over 25, share their wisdom and knowledge of raising their children.

You will learn:

  • How your parents impacted your fathering style, both in good ways and not so good.

  • What to expect from new borns

  • What to expect from adult children

  • How to travel with them, no matter their age

  • The qualities of a good dad

And much more…

This course is designed to get you thinking about your responsibilities as a father and also create a safe place for you to share your journey with other Dads and your instructors.

Be the best dad you can be! Enroll today!

Author(s): Scott Paton, Ricky Shetty, Scott Alex

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