Diy Script Coverage

Develop industry-standard script coverage to analyse scripts for self-assessment or peer support in creative circles

What you’ll learn

  • How to develop an industry-standard script coverage report.
  • Identify a range of industry key terms used when reviewing and analysing scripts.
  • Assess your strengths and stumbling blocks in relation to your current project using script analysis.
  • Understand and develop a project overview.
  • Complete an in-depth script report and sift matrix using the template and resources provided.
  • Evaluate your course experience and identify ways of implementing what you've learned in a real world context.


  • A draft of your screenplay, stage play, manuscript or online content.


Script coverage is a necessary process for checking whether a draft is industry standard. Using script coverage key terms and templates and some other bits and pieces, Kalungi will identify the benefits of script analysis, then assess the strengths and weaknesses in the character arcs, dialogue, narrative, pace and script format in one of his stage plays.

DISCLAIMER: This nano course is not an alternative to seeking professional advice from a script doctor, editor or consultant. It exists to support you in fine-tuning your script before investing time and money, only to be advised to fix things you could have easily spotted yourself. It also provides an opportunity for you to self-reflect on your literary journey and will arm you with the tools to deliver peer support in your creative circles.

Whether youre a writing a short film or feature-length, a sketch or, 3-act play, a piece of flash fiction, a novella or a manuscript the width of a brick, enrolling in this nano course is one of your best decisions!

Author(s): Scribble Online

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