Cover Letter Quick Start System

A quick & simple system to write cover letters that get you interviews – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Cover Letter Quick Start' system:
  • – Cover letter basics
  • – Analyzing job advertisements
  • – Four paragraph format
  • – Do & don'ts of cover letter writing
  • The Follow-Through Formula – 5 keys for optimizing mindset for massive follow-through


  • A willingness to learn and apply the system – that's it!


Are you frustrated with finding a job?

Not getting the interviews you want?

Perhaps, not getting any interviews at all?

It can be downright depressing. You know you’re great, and you know you can do the work, but the employers are just not calling you.

If any of this is you, can you be sure your job applications are standing out from the crowd?

Theres no doubt that a well written cover letter can dramatically increase your interview offers. But what makes a well written cover letter?

Wouldnt it be nice to have a system that produces reliable results and more important interviews offer that take you one step closer to landing that dream job!

Whether you’re frustrated with a lack of response from employers, want to get more interviews, or just want to learn how to write compelling cover letters, then this course is for you.

Cover Letter Quick Start is a complete system that runs you through:

  1. The basics of cover letter purpose, use and structure.

  2. The 3 step process to analysing any job advertisement.

  3. The four skill selection filters.

  4. The four paragraph format.

  5. The dos and donts of cover letter writing.

When applied properly Cover Letter Quick Start will give you a systematic way to successfully writing interview winning cover letters.


In addition, there are several bonuses to get you further along in your career journey including my Follow-Through Formula to keep you organized and get you going.

In my years of career coaching and as a former CFO the 5 keys in this formula while simple are timeless and invaluable. I am sure you will find the same.

Whether you choose to do this course or not, I wish you every success in your career and life journey. Challenge yourself, refine your skills and be the best you, you can. – Andrew

Author(s): Andrew Walsh

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