Change Management for individuals and teams

For people who need to deal with emotional ups and downs of personal and professional life – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Helping self and others to manage emotions during times of sudden change
  • Learn about techniques that people have used in the past to manage change scenarios successfully
  • Become aware of what famous book authors have researched about human emotions during change


  • Should be ready with cases of self, friends, family and colleagues where change was impacting lives


The rules for organizational success are ever changing. The new context then demands renewal of your capabilities and development of different mindsets. In this course, you’ll learn the different components of the change process at the the workplace as well as at home. This course details the process of how to heal from loss, disappointment, and other emotional trauma. It explores the physiological implications of certain chronic emotions such as anger or sadness, and discusses common emotional challenges. It also reviews techniques to promote emotional healing, and how to move forward after the process has been completed. Through understanding the impact of emotion and recognizing when a change must be made, the challenging and lengthy process of getting back to performance can begin. This course discusses the stages in emotional change as researched by researchers across the globe.

This course is suitable for personal or professional purposes. This course serves as an excellent resource for those who may need to understand or guide another person through their emotional healing. Management professionals will find that it reflects psychology within a deeply human context; social workers, teachers, religious leaders, and others who sometimes become stand-ins for counsellors/coaches will discover new perspectives and ways to help those that come to them. If you are a parent considering this course to support and encourage children and teenagers, you’ll find that this course make it easy for you to understand and to adapt in life so as to guide them through difficult times. The slides, case studies and quizzes used in the program will help as a take away resource for participants to coach other people on the subject.

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