Build a Story Brand: Writing Series in Your Unique Way

Build your personal brand as a storyteller, with 8 tools for creating a brand.

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What you’ll learn

  • The importance of creating a brand as a storyteller
  • 8 fundamental tools of building a story brand
  • Easily generate story ideas
  • How to create a unique and solid brand
  • Ways to maintain the brand


  • A computer or pen and pencil
  • Creativity
  • Planning skills


What is Build a Story Brand: Writing Series in Your Unique Way?

As in all fields, it is necessary to create a brand in writing. Because creating a brand will distinguish you from other authors. Another thing that is as important as creating a brand is maintaining this brand.

The best way to convince someone who read your book, to read another book is providing a unique experience. Because that person will read your other book in the hope of a similar experience. But if you have created a different experience in your other book, the reader may not like it. Because what the reader wants is to experience the same taste with another story.

The way to achieve this is to design the experience that will define your brand and create similar experiences in your every story. This is something that can be achieved by creating a brand.

In this course, you will learn to create your unique brand by using the brand development technique I’ll teach.

The course consists of three modules. In the first module, I will explain the importance of branding in writing. In the second module, I will show you the tools you will use when creating a brand. In the third module, I will explain how to create a brand and give three examples of brand creation.

If you want to create your own personal brand as a writer and distinguish yourself from other authors, the simple thing to do is: register for the course, watch the classes carefully and apply what you have learned.

If you don’t have a story to write right now, that’s fine. You will eventually have lots of story ideas when you are creating your brand.

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