Blackjack 101:

How to Play Blackjack

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What you’ll learn

  • Blackjack terminology
  • How to play using Basic Strategy, with at least 15 practice questions
  • Card Counting
  • Blackjack, as a foundation for a career in the gaming industry
  • Social etiquette
  • Blackjack


  • It will help to have a basic understanding of card values. For instance, Jacks are each worth 10 points in Blackjack, and Aces may be 11 or 1.
  • Practice materials will help, but are not necessary. Wax covered playing cards, chips, a shoe and a felt table layout (in order of importance) will all help.
  • A high school diploma (or equivalent) knowledge of math.


Whether you have been playing Blackjack for years, or you have never set foot in a casino, limited practice materials and a basic knowledge of mathematics can help you use this class to master Blackjack as a gambler, or to  your career as a table games dealer or leader. Learn from someone who has (at seperate points) been both a card counter and a table games manager.

If you take our class, and master the material, you will know what you need to know to have the Blackjack experience you want.

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