Beginner's guide to creative thinking

9 exercises to develop your creative approch to things – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Creative thinking components understanding
  • How to make your idea win

  • What component of your thinking you should work on

  • Techniques to develop your absent type of thinking
  • One of the component improvement


  • Open-mind
  • Fun attitude
  • Readiness for some practice
  • 5 sheets of paper and a pan


Most of people think that they were born not creative. I see it on sample of my friends who think that they aren’t creative. Also I meet a lot of people in my work environment, who have the same assumption.

My task in this course is to give you the understanding that every, absolutely every was born creative but our school, univercity, society make us lose the first, the second or third component of creative thinking ability. Our job environment or inner block made them stop.

This short course will prove that every of us is creative. Simply one of the parts is lost or less developed. Our task is going through this course to understand on which ability should be taken more attention and development.

As you discover your absent component or less developed part, you will be suggested some exercises for practice. This is a small part of technique for sure.

Enroll to my course and stand on path of developing your creative abilities with me.

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