Becoming A Mentor – Helping Others Grow And Succeed

Learn coaching and communication skills that will make you a great mentor

What you’ll learn

  • How to give advice
  • Listening skills
  • Asking questions
  • How to structure a mentoring session


  • There are no requirements or prerequisites to participating in this course.


In this course you will learn what is needed to become a great mentor and help others grow and succeed. We will cover the skills and attitudes, as well as a methodology that will give you the tools to become a great mentor.

You can become a mentor independently with your current knowledge and professional experience. Mentoring skills can be used by everyone in many situations. This is not about a status or a specific hierarchy level, neither do you need to have a Master or a PHD. This course requires no prerequisites what so ever.

Mentoring essentially, is guiding someone on a specific skill or subject. Its about personal development and growth, its about dealing with situations, be it at work, or in any other type of organization. However, more than anything, mentoring is about communicating in an inspiring way.

This course is built for everyone, individuals who are part of a larger organization that offers a mentoring program, and as well individuals who are not part of any organization, but want to deepen their mentoring skills.

By the end of this course you will be able to properly prepare and handle mentoring sessions and you will also significantly improve your communication skills.

Author(s): Hire Bright

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