Visual Studio Code hacks to boost your edition productivity.

VSCode 2019 tricks and tips, explained components relationships, edition shortcuts and strategies, workflow productivity – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to edit in fast way with visual studio code 2019.
  • Fast edition in html, css, js, json , csv, txt, etc files.
  • Navigation between ui components, vs code instances, files , inside the file, etc.
  • Examples of workflow in navigation and edition.
  • Not repeat yourself while editing ( worth your time ).


  • Mac Os (*), Linux or Windows Computer and Visual Studio Code Installed
  • Desire to Learn and Increase Productivity While Working With Visual Studio Code
  • Basic edition and coding knowledge in other editors
  • (*) The shortcuts can change between platforms


We will use graphic abstractions ( mind maps, concept maps, etc ) for explaining different concepts and solving different visual studio code situations.

As english is my second language feel free to put more speed in the explanations.

The goal of this course is that you can have tools for editing in better way through a good understanding about the relations between different components of visual studio code, shortcuts and how-tos strategies in order to boost your edition productivity .

We can see new techniques in the visual studio code 2019 version as:
Preserve case in Search and Replace.
Go to Line supports negative line numbers.
Multi-line search in Find.

This course will be improved constantly with new versions of visual studio code as well with even more strategies.

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#edition shortcuts and strategies
#workflow productivity

Author(s): Angel Serrano Perez

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