Screenwriting – Mental RX for Success

You CAN learn screenwriting IF you can banish gremlins that scare you out of writing a screenplay. – Free Course

  • You'll feel like you CAN write a screenplay – your doubts and fears should NOT stop you!
  • You'll learn how to address common worries that beginning (or even more established!) screenwriters have.
  • You'll more confidently face the blank page.
  • You'll learn that you can't argue with your fears – they are winning if you argue with them! And what to do instead.
  • You'll feel that you ARE ENOUGH to start screenwriting.
  • You'll learn that you are NOT ALONE when feeling insecure about learning new skills.


  • You just need a desire to write screenplays.


Knowing how to write a screenplay is only HALF the battle. And sometimes the easier battle. Feeling confident in your screenwriting abilities could be a much tougher challenge. You might feel…

IRRATIONAL (Am I crazy to think I can master script writing and break into Hollywood?)

INTIMIDATED (Am I cool enough to be around successful agents, producers, directors and actors in Hollywood?)

FEARFUL (Am I really good enough?)

DOUBTFUL (Can I do this if I have less experience in writing than other people?)

DISCOURAGED (Is there something wrong if I find this all difficult and overwhelming?)

I get it. We ALL feel those things. And the key to your success is how you HANDLE those fears.

I can help banish screenwriting “gremlins” so you can confidently write a script – put your dreams on the page.

You need to write.

You’re not only helping yourself, but you are encouraging others to pursue their dreams by leading the way. The world needs you! Be the inspiration:)

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