Mastering Upwork 2018: How to Successfully Work from Home

How to go from unemployed to working full-time, freelancing on Upwork. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Receive over 20 Lectures
  • Receive over 50 minutes of content
  • Learn the Pros and Cons of Upwork
  • Learn Upwork Freelancer policies
  • Learn what it takes to WIN work on Upwork
  • Learn how to create a WINNING profile that will attract clients
  • Learn how to create WINNING proposals that will set you apart from other Freelancers
  • Receive sample proposals
  • Receive sample biographies
  • A look at what other Freelancers are earning
  • Review of Upwork membership plans and categories
  • Learn how to navigate virtual interviews and how to excel at them
  • Receive time management, tools and learn how to put a value on your work
  • Tips on earning and maintaining "Top Freelancer" status
  • How to verify your identity and receive payment
  • Effective and fair pricing
  • Top Freelancer Tools
  • Marketing Tips, How to Have Clients Find YOU


  • A laptop
  • Fast, reliable internet connection


Would you like to work from home? Make your own work schedule? Well, you can. Learn from a pro by signing up for Mastering Upwork: How I make money working 20 hrs per week. Working a 9-5 doesnt have to be a reality for you like many others. With taking this course, youll learn how to break free of the confines of the corporate world and into your own, where you can find the financial freedom you deserve. This course will lead you to becoming the best freelancer out there. 

What is a freelancer you ask? A freelancer is someone who acts as their own boss and isnt tied down to one specific affiliation. In this course, youll learn to become just that- and more. 

So are you ready to be able to work from anywhere? Are you ready to set your own hours? Are you ready for work and financial freedom? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you are already on your way. Lets find you some work freedom!

NB: Course is narrated by my dear friend, JC.

Author(s): Reena Gordon

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