how to make moroccan bread

learn how to make moroccan bread step by step using the typical moroccan way – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • after taking this course anyone be able to prepare his delicious and healthy moroccan bread at home


  • No Knowledge. The ingredients and equipements are available in the course


If i askyou about moroccan cuisine, what do you know aboutit? Of course your answer will be….Tajine, But do you know what is the second importantelement to eat tajine? have you think how moroccans eat Tajine?

Its the traditional moroccanbread

Ifyou wantlearn how to preparea delicious Moroccan spongyBreadusingthe traditional, typicalandhealthyway you are in theright place.

In this course i will show you how to make moroccan spongy bread as my grand mother make it using thesuper traditional healthy way.

In this course youll learn

  • type of breads
  • moroccan bakingutensils
  • the way how to knead moroccan bread
  • how to shape bread

In each step, i will show our old baking tips and techniques

  • this course is designed for anyone love the traditional Moroccan cuisine and healthy food.

Author(s): Mariam Nassih

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