[Free] General Exercise For Type 2 Diabetics | Beginner Level

All the Exercises a Diabetic needs! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance of Exercise in management of Diabetes Mellitus
  • perform the Exercise that is recommended in the management of Diabetes Mellitus


  • You should get approval from your Doctor or Physician or Endocrinologist to let yourself indulge into exercise program
  • You should have a brief knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus.
  • You should know how to interact with other people who are diabetic.
  • You should aim for a fix period of day (preferably morning) to learn the course and practice it.


Diabetes Exercise Individualization Modules (DEIM) is a course which aims on those Diabetics which are a victim of sedentary lifestyle, obesity, elder age. This course will take you through a numerous aspects of exercise and diabetes.

DEIM is spread through — sections which consists of:

  • introduction to the course,
  • DM management,
  • Benefits of exercise,
  • Precautions,
  • type of exercise for diabetics,
  • duration and frequency of exercise

This course is designed with YOU at the center. We wish to deliver all that you need.

Always feel free to interact with the instructor in the Q&A section and clear your doubts.

Diabetics can efficiently manage their blood sugar levels by learning this module and Health care providers can have an added advantage to their professional skills.

Let’s make this world a sugar friendly place!

Stay healthy!

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