Free SEO Tutorial – Learn The How To Of SEO For A WordPress Website – Beginners

SEO For A WordPress Website Can Be Challenging – In This SEO Course For Beginners We Will Teach You SEO Step By Step – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Power SEO Techniques That Will Boost Your Google Rankings
  • How To Find Amazing Keywords For SEO
  • How to optimize your Meta Title for SEO
  • How to optimize your On Page Content for SEO
  • Where To Put Your Keywords In Your On Page Content
  • How to add an Inbound link to your Content And The Importance Of It
  • How to add an Outbound link to your Content And the Importance Of It
  • How to add your Keyword to the Alt Tag of an Image
  • Bonus Material On How To Use Google To Find Keywords People Are Searching For


  • NO SEO experience is necessary
  • You need a blog or website
  • You need internet access
  • Free SEO Plug In ( You Will Get Access In The Class )


Learn The How To Of SEO For A WordPress Website

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You have worked hard to create your website or blog post. In fact, you have spent countless hours trying to learn SEO and it seems you are getting nowhere.

You have spent time writing time-consuming blog post, posting on social media, posting in forums and even sending emails to your small email list – You are doing all you can to connect with your target audience.

There Is One Slight Challenge – No One Seems To Be Visiting Your Website.

Your google analytics stats are very low, Facebook ads seem like a waste of money, your emails aren’t being responded to, your product is not selling and to top it off google analytics says that your bounce rate is not good.

What Could You Possibly Be Doing Wrong?

You are putting in a considerable amount of time and effort to get people to visit your sales page, website or blog and once they get there it seems like all they do is bounce, bounce and then bounce.

If feels like this Search Engine Optimization thing is too difficult and it is not working for you.

It can be a little frustration because you have made financial investments, spent days writing content and looking at training videos, you know you have something good and want to let people know about it, but if people would just visit your website or blog you know your product can help them out tremendously.

Other people seem to be making money and getting traffic to their website with ease.

Well fasten your seat belt because you are about to learn something that can change your website traffic forever.

Many people don’t want to reveal their SEO secrets because their motto is get all you can and call you get.

Today, I would like to show some SEO Tips that can work for just about any website, blog, affiliate marketing website, church website, niche website, business website or any online business.

  • Sports Website – Yep

  • Beauty Website – Yep

  • Web Hosting Website – Yep

  • Church Website – Yep

  • Ministry Website – Yep

  • Affiliate Marketing – Yep

Once you learn these SEO techniques that I am going to show you in this course you are going to take your traffic to another level and you will be impressed with your google analytics.

So if you are barely starting out in SEO then this course is designed just for you. Even if you have been doing SEO for a while you may even find some of these tips helpful.

So go ahead an enroll today and let’s take your SEO skills to another level.

See you in class.

Pastor Dre

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