Free Dance Tutorial – Trendy Dance Moves made for Beginners: Shine at parties!

Learn 5 of the most popular dance moves for parties and clubs in less than a week. Get to fully enjoy your party time – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • 5 of the most popular and trendy moves today
  • Complete BREAKDOWN methodology
  • How and when to execute these moves for any given songs
  • How to unlock the key that will multiply your range of moves x2 x4
  • How to listen to the music with awareness and not simply execute like a robot
  • How to finally enjoy your party
  • Stay continually up to date with updates on latest hottest moves in the game


  • Be a complete beginner starting from 0
  • Have a mirror to practice
  • Allow feed back to happen
  • Master the PRE-REQUISITE laid out in the course First



Yet not all of us really enjoy them. Some of us actually stay seated or by the bar watching our phones, checking if we have new messages but we all know that very few people text at this type of hour… At some point we look up at the dance floor and… WOAAW some people are busting a small move together, swinging while smiling and having fun, all of this in sync.

“Have they rehearsed together?” “Do they know each other?” “Are they dancers?” Most of the time the answer is none of the above.

Then, “How do they do that??”  “Oh I wish I could do that too”  “Well anyways, I’m not cut out for that”  “It looks too complicated”  “Wait, the thing they’re doing, what is that even called?”  “You know what, I think I actually don’t like parties, I’m bored!”…

If you have gone through similar experiences, let me tell you that you’re not the only one and that it does really SUCKS!


You may have felt it for the last months, or maybe years, but parties are not fun anymore when we get stuck in a corner while others are having fun. To the point where you get nervous if someone mentions about the next party you WILL HAVE to attend (because yes, some of your “friends” force you) just thinking about going through the same boring and frustrating experience. Meanwhile how can some people comparatively have so much fun on the dance floor?? They’re obviously not dancers but they have a minimum of moves which allows them to catch on the vibe and be “part of the party”.


So what is it? Shyness? If so how to compensate that shyness? Some would suggest to just “forget about anyone and dance for yourself without caring about what other people think and bla bla bla…” Seriously, if it was that easy don’t you think we would be already doing it??

*New Approach

Suppose you had mastered the moves, would it make a difference? I bet it would! What you get good at you also get confident at, right? Leads us to the next question: How to get good at it? (Assuming we even know what moves or what it is we’re looking for, which is yet another story itself…)


You have tried, I have tried it, we have all tried it. Why Youtube doesn’t work for us? Sadly, I found that YouTubers care a lot more about their views and how cool they look rather than teaching to a real beginner (which doesn’t look that cool). You may or may not relate to it but most of the time I have tried YouTube dance tutorials, they were skipping a lot of things in-between, assuming “it made sense” to naturally guess whatever was not explicitly mentioned.


Unfortunately not! BUT THERE IS A METHOD THAT YOU CAN LEARN! I called this the breakdown method: Most of the steps have core moves and the rest is just layers of energy that are added to make it look “better”


–> Remove every layers of energy (BREAKDOWN)

   –> Get to the core move and master it (Very easy)

      –> Start adding back layers of energy little by little

Most of the time people learn the step in its entirety and that’s why it so difficult to get! You have to focus on everything at the same time: your rhythm, your legs, your arms, hips…No way, we’re beginners! I have spent time to study and understand the nature of steps and have tested it to my private dancing classes, re-crafting it over and over so it could be easily applied today, online.

In this course you will:

– use this Breakdown method to master 5 of the most popular moves and enjoy your next party

– Get familiar with the process so learning moves will become faster for you as you progress throughout the course

– Understand the right timing and the right use of these moves

– Get feedback from me so I can tell you some personal suggestions

– Stay up-to-date with the current trend, as I am always scouting for the freshest moves


You will also learn a way to multiply those moves with a secret trick so that your range gets even broader than 5 moves


Your next party could be next week, in a month from now, or for Christmas and New Year’s eve! Let’s change the game this time and make it one to remember as the new YOU, who enjoys busting a move and have fun at parties!

Hope to see you in class and dramatically improve your game!!  🙂

Author(s): William Santoni

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