Free Core Strength Tutorial – FREE 7 Day Introduction to Mum's 28 Day Ab Challenge

For a toned and athletic core. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Decrease your body weight by up to 5 kgs
  • Increase your abdominal strength beyond belief!
  • Feel confident and at ease in a sports bra in the gym.
  • Feel proud of your body and what you have achieved!


  • No fitness knowledge required what so ever. You will be taught everything as you go 🙂
  • This is not suitable for new mums that are less than 1 year postnatal.
  • Equipment required includes: A mat, towel and water bottle. In the final videos you have the option of using a weight of any form around the house between 2kg-8kg.


Are you looking for a challenge to prove yourself? Do you love the look of a toned flat core on other people? If there was a way to develop a strong, toned and flat core in 28 days would you love to be apart of it?

The Women’s 28 Day Challenge will get you this result. If you are looking to have a flat toned and beautiful core this is your program. If you question the results I am happy to say that myself and the amazing women and mums that have gone through this program on camera will show you their results from each week. It is truly remarkable.

What is more is it can be done in the comfort of your own home and the program gradually increases with difficulty as you go so you won’t be overwhelmed. These are achievable workouts that begin with as little as 13 minutes and build in duration after 2 weeks.

Author(s): Matthew Curnow

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