Deproblemation: Mindful Trauma Protocol

Turn Problems into Circumstances – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Working with trauma on the spiritual path
  • Resolving strong emotions, fear and stress
  • Relating to problems in meditation
  • Gaining objective perspective and internal support


  • Some experience with meditation
  • Interest in shifting our relationships to the world


Some have skill for holding others in their difficulty, but few are skilled at holding their own difficult experience in such a way that problems naturally fall away and we find ourselves stronger, easier, more purposeful and having a lot more fun. What if we could learn to meet experience in such a way? How valuable would that be for our lives?

Many people dedicated to personal development still find their inner critics attacking them, their dreams delayed and deferred, and their “problems” running their lives. Many turn to meditation or spiritual teachings to resolve problems but many experience these approaches not helping and/or making things worse. Positivism (Law of Attraction, prayer, magical/wishful thinking, etc…) can cause us to bypass our problems without resolution and practicing presence (mindfulness, inquiry, feeling in, etc…) can cause us to get enmeshed in victimized perspectives. What is skillful?

Deproblemation recognizes that human “Problems” are problems only because they are flavored by past experiences. Otherwise they would be experienced as circumstances. How do we remove these painful, confusing and unhelpful traces of the past? How do we hold an attacking inner critic so that it is our better angels next time (this approach is non-religious and non-dogmatic). How do recognize and acknowledge problems and meet them with the medicine that they need to resolve themselves?

Deproblemation is a modern approach informed by psychology, hypnotherapy, trauma therapy and the world’s spiritual traditions. By understanding the impact of conditioning and learning some specific skills we can cause all “problems” to naturally transform themselves into the “circumstances of our lives.

This course is designed to offer a lot of content and understanding and to be taken over a period of 8 weeks so that the students can continually apply these distinctions as life unfolds.

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