Top Excel Interview Questions and Skills Refresher Tutorial

Get yourself ready for Excel interview and Exam with the top 5 questions and quick refresher tutorial – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • After completing this course students will be able to pass job interview, for employment that requires basic Excel skills


  • Course is for people looking to land a job, which requires basic Microsoft Excel skills
  • Course is for absolute beginners or people who never used MS Excel
  • Students should have access to Microsoft Excel 2016 software
  • Goal of the course is to overview Excel under 1 hour for the people looking to apply for job, requiring Excel skills


Get yourself ready for Microsoft Excel interview with the top 5 questions asked and review of the quick tutorial covering basic concepts. First half of the course focuses on the key topics to help you get you ready for the job, which requires Excel skills.

Course starts with the overview of top 5 Excel Interview Questions

  • What is the difference between Excel for desktop and Excel 365?
  • What are the most useful functions in Microsoft Excel
  • What is a function in Excel?
  • What is the order of operations used when evaluating formulas in Excel?
  • What are the most important data formats seen in Excel, and how are they used?

It then follows with tutorial, covering below topics and concepts:

  • Excel overview and Basic Functions
  • Using Excel for business (Total for Quarterly data, Total for Year, Forecasting)
  • Sorting data, Creating charts and Formulas in Excel
  • Working with Excel Files: Printing, Saving as PDF, Protecting the file
  • Conclusion and next steps

I am excited that you are here and hopefully this course will help you land the job quickly. Good luck landing the job!!! And please stay in touch and keep me posted, once you get hired.

Vadim Mikhailenko

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