Free Agile Tutorial – AGILE Software Testing Course : Basic to Advanced

Agile testing based on International syllabus – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Basics and advance Agile Software development concepts are covered.
  • Agile testing certification will be provided


  • Any one with basic english knowledge and common sense is enough to enroll to this course


Just watch 2 Preview video and you will be clear that you want to go with this Course only


  • Do you want to become a certified tester?

  • Are you looking for JOB?

  • Do you want to switch testing job?

  • Preparing for testing interview ?

  • Are you a student / professional who what to make career in Multinational company ?

  • you want to understand testing concept from in-n-out ?

Then this is the end for your search!!

ALL-IN-ONE Software testing certification course

    –>  Study Lectures  + International syllabus PDF

    –>  1000+ Examples and in-depth explanation to each topic .

    –>  HD videos – HD Audio (no power point style reading)  : Watch the preview lectures to get the feel.



I am an “International Certified trainer” for below topic along with my authentication no*:

1. Certified ISO-26262 for functional safety testing

2.  87973    Foundation level       

3. 108197  Advance level Technical  Test Analyst        

4. 116388  Advance level Test  Analyst         

5. 114710  Agile  tester Extension         

6. 117029  Model   based testing

                  (*you can put these no. in respective websites and find my details)



Fundamental Agile Testing Principles

   —–>  Differences between Testing in Traditional and Agile Approaches

   —–>  Testing and Development Activities

   —–> Project Work Products

   —–> Test Levels

   —–> Testing and Configuration Management

   —–> Independent Testing

Role and Skills of a Tester in an Agile Team

   —–> Agile Tester Skills 

   —–> The Role of a Tester in an Agile Team

   —–> Test-related risks

Agile Software Development

   —–> Agile Software Development and the Agile Manifesto

   —–> Whole-Team Approach

   —–> Power of three (P – 3)

   —–> Early and Frequent Feedback

   —–> Extreme Programming

     —–> Scrum

   —–>  Kanban

Collaborative User Story Creation

   —–>  Poor specification

   —–>  INVEST technique

   —–>  Agile 3-C Concept

Continuous Integration

   —–>   Automated activities

   —–>  Continuous integration benefits

   —–>  Continuous integration risks and challenges:

Release and Iteration Planning

   —–>  Release planning Activity

   —–>  Iteration planning Activity

   —–>  test-related issues




This course is designed for the students or professional who are looking for job in testing.   

Course will take you through the different aspect of testing  and it will make sure your will  be getting what you want.

Highlights of the Testing course:

  • 1. It is designed based on the “The International Software Testing Qualifications Board® (ISTQB®) “

  • 2. It  contains 1000+ real testing environment example  to bring concept near to the  real environment.

  • 150+ Study material to help you understand the testing  knowledge in depth

  • Prepare you for the ISTQB certification so that , not only you get the Testing knowledge but an international testing certificate. 

What are you waiting for enroll to the  course and become the Certified tester.

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