Waves Plugins – Comprehensive Guides into Using Waves

Mixing and Mastering With Waves Plugins – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How Waves MixHub Works
  • How Waves Abbey Chambers Works

  • How Waves J37 Works

  • How Waves NLS Works
  • How Waves SSL Works
  • How Waves Doubler Work With Vocals
  • How Waves CLA Vocals Works
  • How Waves Abbey Road Vinyl Works
  • How Waves Centre Works
  • And Much More


  • A Waves Account and Waves Plugins Will Be Useful But Not essential


Looking for detailed breakdowns of your waves plugins?Got loads of waves plugin that you dont fully know how to use?I’ve got you!As the artist “Unders” i’m actually affiliated with the brand of waves, i’ve presented on their behalf and collaborate with them regularly. I say all this because back in 2008 when I bought my first Waves Bundle for $599 which back then was GOLD with about 15 plugins. I never imagine how much in the future my music would really rely on them.So after more than a decade of using Waves plugins im here to guide you on the new and the old.

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