Unique Guitar Lessons ( A Crash Course In Guitar Looping)

Learn how to play and loop all parts of Stand By Me on guitar. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to play and loop the classic song Stand By Me on guitar (includes bass line, rhythm, melody, solo and improvisation)
  • Learn how to use and perform with a guitar looper.


  • Be able to play a little guitar
  • Guitar looper required (not a necessity if you only wish to learn all parts of the song)
  • Guitar required (acoustic or electric)


Guitar Lessons

In this course I will break down all parts of the iconic song ‘Stand By Me’ and teach you how to play and loop them using an acoustic or electric guitar.

What you will learn :

* Bass Line

* Percussive technique

* Rhythm

* Chords

* Strumming Patterns

* Melody

* Solo

* Understanding and using Triads

* Scales

* How to improvise

You will learn step by step how to play all sections of this song and I will be teaching everything in a simple format whilst providing guitar tab to make the more intricate parts of the songs as easy to follow as possible.  This tutorial can be used as a template for learning how a song is constructed and the information learned will hopefully give you a better understanding of music production and provide you with the confidence to reproduce your own versions of musical pieces.

Guitar Looping

Playing music with a guitar looper can be so much fun once you know how to use it. You can breakdown your favorite songs as demonstrated in this course and effectively be your own one man band. You can also create your own musical masterpieces from the comfort of your own home. If you are a performer adding a looper to your shows can be a game changer. Artists like Ed Sheeran have shown the world just how effective you can be with just a guitar and loop pedal.

If you are looking for a quick guide on how to use a guitar looper then look no further! Whilst I break down and teach the song I will also be demonstrating how to loop and play all parts. You will learn :

* Timing

* Recording and looping

* Removing and adding tracks

* Verse and Chorus

* Adding percussion

* How to use for performance

Author(s): Tony Cull (Guitar Made Easy)

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