The Top 21 Guitar Hacks & Tips for INTERMEDIATE Players

A Bunch of Guitar Hacks & Tricks for INTERMEDIATE Players

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What you’ll learn

  • Your song-playing will become a lot more interesting, using a bunch of cool new playing techniques that are mostly suitable for guitarists with at least one-two years of experience.
  • Lessons about how to perfectly maintain (and customize) your guitar.
  • You'll learn how to maintain your guitar in the best way. It'll become softer to play, sound much better, and feel as best as it can feel.
  • 97$ Value Bonus: Enjoy 8 Fancy Guitar Songs Masters E-Books on various guitar topics that'll help improve your music life.
  • Some of the coolest guitar hacks & shortcuts for intermediate players – see the curriculum to understand more.
  • Some introduction lessons to the playing style of Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer.
  • How to develop a better sense of rhythm and make songs really GROOVE.
  • Which other instruments that you can learn will benefit your guitar-playing the most.


  • A hunger for learning and getting more out of your guitar!


In this mini-course I’ll share with you the best of my guitar knowledge – that is relevant to those people who consider themselves past the stage of “beginners”. So if you feel that you are already an intermediate level guitarist, let me help you make your improvement on the guitar a lot faster.

You’ll learn some great stuff that will literally cut off months and years off of your learning curve in different aspects of playing. This includes topics ranging from cool playing techniques, ways to make practicing more easier and fun, tips on how to properly maintain your guitar so that it’s a lot more fun to play, and a lot more.

  • Why all the professionals are using their THUMB on the 6th string when playing chords up the neck?

  • Advanced rhythms – 5/4, 7/8 etc. What makes them special? How can you determine when you encounter one and play accordingly?

  • A bunch of cool new playing techniques, including how to slide into chords, how to use sus 2/4 chords and more.

  • The 13 most useful guitar apps you should know about – apps that will actually help you improve much faster.

  • Some introduction lessons to the playing style of Jimi Hendrix and John Mayer.

  • How to make your song GROOVE and make your listeners wanna DANCE

  • The most fun metronome-substitute app: get your own PERSONAL DRUMMER!

  • 8 ways to develop your time-keeping skills and really get that pro sound.

  • 6 ways to customize your guitar and add some elegant bling to it.

  • The huge importance of finding your own guitar heroes.

  • Ideas and examples for how to branch out with your musical journeys and improve a lot on the guitar as well by learning some harmonica / bass / percussion instruments.

  • My favorite 13 guitar accessories – things that’ll actually improve your guitar life.

  • How to find that one chord that finishes the song perfectly.

  • The 4 pillars of a perfect guitar maintenance routine that’ll make your guitar fun to come back to.

  • And More lessons that will enrich your skills and sound, with newer ones added regularly.


It’s a huge, fun pool of guitar information – that you can dive into at your own order and pace – and a lot of it will surely resonate with where you are right now in your journeys.



97$ Value Bonus: The Guitar Songs Masters Complete E-Books Library: On top of everything that’s above, you’ll get 8 more fancy guitar E-Books that’ll help you improve your guitar life.

  1. The 14 Best Guitar Apps That You’ll Actually Use

  2. 11 Guitar Practice Tips for Speedy Improvement

  3. The Complete Guitar Chords Cheat-Book

  4. The 13 Best Guitar Accessories That You’ll Need

  5. My Secret Songbooks Link-Bank: Get Access to 7 Songbooks with 5000+ Songs

  6. 9 Cool Ways to Customize Your Guitar

  7. Improve Your Sense of Rhythm Cheat-Sheet

  8. 5 Fun Techniques to Spice-Up Your Cover Songs


Why should you listen to me?

Hey! My name is Alon Cooper and I am 29 years old. I have been teaching music, both online and face to face, to tens of thousands of students in the last six years – while traveling four different continents and jammin’ and performing with many different musicians. I am mainly a guitarist, pianist and harmonica player, and I also play other instruments including the flute, trumpet, bass and more. I am constantly looking for the best ways and shortcuts to teaching music effectively – and with FUN. The student feedbacks show that I do it very well. (:

My guitar blog, GuitarSongsMasters-com, (founded in 2014) where I share my tips for playing music, has a monthly readership of over 100K people from over a 150 different countries and is one of the world’s top five most read guitar blogs*. I am also the founder of the Harmonica Jamz-com courses and blog that has been online since 2016 and has thousands of happy students here on Udemy.


Cheers, and I’m looking forward to seeing you inside,


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