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Master the AKAI EWI 5000 – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn How to Set Up your AKAI EWI 5000
  • Learn the Essential Exercises to Improve Your Playing
  • Learn About the Advantages of the EWI Fingering System
  • Get You On Your Way To EWI Mastery


  • Your AKAI EWI 5000 or EWI USB


Youve purchased an EWI! Maybe its your first experience with an electronic wind instrument. Maybe its your first experience with a wind instrument of any kind! Maybe youve been fiddling around with the EWI and havent really been able to get into it the way you want. Maybe youre having difficulty playing it.

That is exactly where I was as I first purchased an EWI. I had difficulty adjusting to it. I had difficulty NOT getting sounds and notes I didnt want. I searched the web, YouTube videos, and contacted other players for help, but I ran into two problems:

1. I found absolutely no books or videos to help me.

2. Most videos only talked about programming tips and tricks and nothing about just getting over hurdle of playing the instrument.

If this sounds familiar to you then this course is for you!

My name is Evan Tate, and I am a professional saxophonist and woodwind instructor with over 30 years of experience on the stage and in the studio.

I am also author of the books 250 Jazz Patterns, Blues & Rhythm Changes in All Keys as well as The Book of EWI.

This course will cover technical aspects, such as the use of the octave rollers, fingering suggestions, and other performance techniques.

I sincerely hope you get the most of this mini-course and please feel free leave your comments and suggestions.

So, lets get started!

Author(s): Evan Tate

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