[75% Off] Songwriting Craft: 6 Tools To Make Your Melodies Stand Out

Create much catchier songs by learning from techniques used by the world’s biggest songwriters

What you’ll learn

  • How to use tension & release in order to make your melody sound like “an interesting conversation”. (And how the Beatles have done it)
  • How *simplicity* is actually one of the biggest ingredients in order for a melody to become memorable.
  • How rhythm can make or break a melody, and how to add interest to a bland melody just by tweaking the rhythm.
  • Why “repetition” is a must in order for your melody to become catchy – and how to use it.
  • How to balance between small intervals (half steps and whole steps) and larger intervals in your melodies in order to “hook” the listener.
  • How you can use different chord progressions to “do the work” for you and help you come up with your best melody ideas.
  • Extra: A PDF cheat-sheet that will help you remember all the tools.
  • Extra PDF Mini-Book: 101 Songwriting Quotes to Get Your Inspiration Going


  • A love of music and a desire to learn.


The melody of your songs is called “the topline” for a reason… (We are talking about the melody that you are singing the lyrics with)

It’s the “vehicle” that you put your lyrics on top of, so it is literally what would make or break your songs.

So, in this mini-course, we will have a look over the techniques that created some of the most unforgettable melodies we all know – so that you can use them yourself.

Everything will be very practical – for each tool, I will also show you exactly how you can go to your guitar/keyboard right now and put it into use in the next song that you are writing.

Also, everything is backed up with fancy graphical animations of the melodies that will help you understand it all not just audibly, but also with your eyes.

The tools are:

Tool #1 – Catchy Melodies Are Often Simple & Singable

Tool #2 Using Tension & Release / Call & Response

Tool #3 The Chords Are Already Doing Half of the Work for You

Tool #4 Its All About the Rhythm

Tool #5 Repetition Is Your Best Friend

Tool #6 Keeping a Pleasant Balance Between Steps & Skips

Your whole music listening experience would also become a lot more enjoyable, since you are going to have a deeper understanding of why you like the melodies that you like.

(Yes, I know it is a big promise, but wait until you’ll feel it yourself – it’s real)

Who am I?

My name is Alon Cooper, I am an artist and a music instructor based in Austin Texas and in Amsterdam. Since 2016, over 100,000 students have learned from my online courses.

As an artist, I release new songs to Spotify every month and play shows with my band.

The tools in the course are tools that I’ve learned by distilling the best information from 100’s of lessons, resources, and books about songwriting and melody writing – and bringing you nothing but the most practical, useful information.

I’ll see you inside.

Author(s): Alon Cooper

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