Solfege and Music Fundamentals Book 1 Part 1

You Can become a self-sufficient musician – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Sightreading, conducting, and music fundamentals using the Dannhäuser solfege exercises, book 1. Part 1 covers exercises 1-3 out of 171 and explains how this course is structured.


  • No musical prerequisites. Please purchase a copy of Dannhäuser Solfèges des Solfèges Book 1 (Schirmer's Library).


This course covers Dannhauser Solfège des Solfèges Book 1, broken into numerous bite-sized parts to cover all 171 exercises. Learn to sightread and solfege the correct syllables, while conducting time. Learn music fundamentals. This is ideal for beginners, and those who would like to improve their sightreading skills. This can also be used by parents to teach their children music fundamentals, as well as solfege teachers looking for a platform to support them.

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