Rapidly Read Music Like a Pro

Learn to read music in 10 easy-to-understand lectures, taking you from beginner to advanced. – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to read musical notation, for both Bass Clef and Treble Clef, and decipher pitch based on note placement.
  • How to understand Clefs.
  • How to understand Key signatures.
  • How to understand Time Signatures.
  • How to interpret stave directions such as dynamic changes, accents, tempo instructions, latin direction, etc.
  • How to read rhythms and syncopation from different note and rest values.
  • An understanding of major and minor scales, and how these scales are formed.


  • No, just an enthusiasm to learn a great new skill.


This course is designed to dramatically increase your musical horizons. It will take you from little to no knowledge of written music, to being able to read and interpret music.

It will thoroughly cover a variety of subjects:

  • Understanding clefs in music

  • Understanding major and minor scales

  • Identifying key signatures

  • Interpreting time signatures

  • Understanding note pitches within the stave, and the use of ledger lines

  • All note values and names

  • Rhythms

  • Accidentals (sharps and flats)

  • Dynamic markings

  • Syncopation

  • and so much more….!

The course will comprise of video lectures, easily broken down in to identifiable sections, and course material such as summary sheets, quizzes, transcripts, and audio examples.

Author(s): James Strange

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