Learning Modes On Guitar

Get more out of the neck with modes! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Break out of pentatonic boxes
  • Identity modes better
  • Get a better scale "vocabulary"
  • Have a better knowledge of music theory


  • You'll need to have your own guitar
  • Know a little about basic guitar improv
  • You'll need to know the difference between a tone (whole step) and a semitone (half step)


This short course is for guitarists who want to get to know understand identify and use modes without too much unnecessary mathematical concept. I’m a huge believer that understanding modes is about training your ear just as much as it is about studying scale construction, and I’m hoping that I teach an even balance of the two. If you are tired of being stuck in pentatonic solo boxes during jams and solo’s then this course is for you. Thanks a lot and drop me an inbox if you have any queries.  

Author(s): Tom Goldsmith

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