How to Make A Music Video Go Viral On Youtube And Get Famous

Making it in the music industry is hard, but with the help of social media sites like YouTube, you can get noticed easy – Free Course

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  • Throughout Research Into Music Videos That Went Viral On Youtube


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Remember Oppa Gangnam Style — the hit featuring an absurd music video starring the podgy Korean popstar Psy?

It broke all records on YouTube….

As of 2019, Gangnam Style crossed 3 billion views and, its the third-highest all-time viewed video on YouTube.

No doubt, YouTube had a big role to play in catapulting the little known Psy to global fame and wealth.

Gangnam Style got people listening to K-Pop.

So much so that in 2013, a KPop group Girls Generation won the YouTube music awards.

Youtube has changed the distribution landscape totally putting power in the hands of you and me rather than a studio or channel.

YouTube has allowed us to create, share, watch videos from anywhere in the world and even become famous.

So, In this course we going to dive into the psychology of users and viewers.

We going to ponder about the mysteries of what goes viral, what is influential and how you can make a use of it.

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