FL Studio 20 Ultimate Music Production Course

Learn everything you need to make a full song in the latest edition of FL Studio

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What you’ll learn

  • Understanding of every key element of FL Studio 20
  • Sound Designing using synths provided within FL Studio 20
  • An overview of all the instruments in FL Studio 20 (Producer Edition)
  • Mixing and Mastering using FL Studio 20 plugins
  • Basic music theory (chords, scale, melody) using the tools provided within FL Studio
  • Using realistic sample-based instruments such as Guitar and Acoustic Drums (provided by FL Studio 20)
  • Sample manipulation tricks
  • All the features in FL Studio that are needed to make a full track


  • Have FL Studio 20 Producer Edition or higher Installed


“I wanna create music using but I don’t know how”

“I end up being confused whenever I open up FL Studio 20”

If you think making music using FL Studio 20 is hard. Well, Think Again!

This course is designed for those who want to make music without having any prior musical skills.

Key Features of the course –

1. Made for Everyone (Beginners can learn from scratch, Pros can brush up their skills).

2. Well Structured (Includes basic skills and Complex techniques).

3. More Than Seven Hours of Video Tutorials That Cover Most Topics.

4. All Important Topics Are Covered 

    – Taking a brief look on all major FL Studio 20 plugins and features.

    – Sound designing using 3xosc, Fruity DX10 etc.

    – Basic music theory.

    – Mixing and Mastering to basic side-chain.

    – Making and finishing full-length tracks.

This course is structure in a beginner friendly way, it provides all the detail from scratch.

The following describes the course in a better way –


Students start by doing nothing but some minor changes in the looks of the Digital Audio Workstation. This gives students a brief intro and does not feed them too much information by not introducing them to any tough tasks in the beginning of the course.


Students learn about the things which are must to start producing music. They also learn about the significant changes that have been made in FL Studio 20. This section covers some basic techniques which include :

  1. Using Channel Rack

  2. Using The Browser

  3. Using The Mixer

  4. Using The Piano Roll

  5. Recording

  6. Automation Clips

  7. Making Your First Track

This section also includes some lectures on how to use everything to create a finished track.


This section covers up everything you need to know to take your production level to the next level. 

This section includes these techniques –

  1. Side-chaining

  2. Sampling

  3. Sound Designing

  4. Advance Mixing

    & more.

The structure of this course might seem a bit off, but it has been arranged in a way, that gives students the best learning experience.

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