Complete Piano Course – From Zero To Piano Master

Learn Piano From One Of The Best Classical Pianists In East Europe

What you’ll learn

  • Introduction To Piano Lessons
  • Learn To Read Sheet Music Lessons
  • 20 Beginner Exercises Lessons
  • PDF Files For All Exercises Lessons
  • Learn Your First Classical Piece Lesson
  • Learn 2 New Piano Pieces
  • All Major And Minor Scales
  • New Chords
  • Arpeggios And Exercises
  • Triads And Inversions
  • Piano Techniques
  • PDF Files For All Lessons
  • Master All Techniques Lessons
  • Gain Highest Possible Finger Independence Lessons
  • 224 Pages Of Franz Liszt Exercises For Becoming Piano Virtuoso
  • Masterclass On Difficult Piano Pieces soon…


  • You don't need any prior knowledge or experience
  • Life Piano Lessons works equally well on Piano or Keyboard
  • Starting From Complete Zero


In this course we will cover up 15 topics starting from complete beginning, which means you dont need any prior knowledge.

  • Piano Introducion

  • How To Read Music?

  • Mozart – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Hanon – Beginner Exercises

  • Bach – Minuet In G – major

  • Preparation For Playing Scales

  • All Major Scales

  • Harmonic Scales and Exercises For Lighting Fast Scales

  • Chords

  • Triads And Exercises

  • Arppegios And Legendary Exercises

  • Mozart – Piano Sonata In C – major K. 545

  • Techniques

  • Advanced Section

  • Liszt Legendary Technical Exercises

No matter what level you’re at, there is plenty of material to help you progress throughout your studies. If you are already at the advanced level, but are interested in teaching piano, the beginner and intermediate sections can help you become a more effective teacher.


For anyone who wants to learn piano from scratch.

Author(s): Amar Krsic

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