What is Zapier – An Beginners to Expert Course

How to Use Zapier From Beginner To Expert For Business Automation

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn what Zapier is and How to Use it In Business


  • No Requirement Besides Effort, This is a Beginner to Expert Course


What is ZapierThat is what we are going to answer then teach you the ins and outs of using Zapier in business automation so that you can be a well rounded marketer and start doing things like the top #1.

It’s about time that you got the inside knowledge to help you grow and with this Zapier course you will be ahead of 98% of all marketers.

  1. Welcome To Zapier, Your Marketing Friend

  2. Stay Organized…..Stay Productive With Zapier

  3. Understanding Zapier Timing

  4. Zapping Your Way To Success – Making Your First Zap

  5. Zapping Information From Google Sheet to Google Sheet

  6. Filtering The BS Out of Business with Zapier

  7. When to Market – Zapier Date and Time Matters!

  8. ManyChat Flows To Zapping Emails

  9. ManyChat Ninja Trick Broadcast To Zap Data To Google Sheets

  10. Using Zapier To Notice You A Calendly Event By Messenger

  11. Check Zap Errors With Zapier Then Message Out Issues

  12. Register A ManyChat User To A Go-To Webinar With Zapier

  13. Adding Go-To Webinar Registrations To ActiveCampaign

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