The Scott Paton Partner Video Course Production Process

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What you’ll learn

  • How to work with me to produce Video courses
  • The strategies for successful course creation


  • Must be an expert in your field
  • Good speaking skills
  • Strong on screen presence
  • Experience recording yourself on video
  • Coachable
  • HD video camera or computer camcorder
  • Good microphone


**** This course is specifically for Experts and Thought Leaders, ******** Who want to work one-on-one with Scott Paton, ******** Creating online video courses for lead generation. ****

Video courses are more popular than ever. Have you ever thought your knowledge is valuable and worth sharing with the world, but were concerned about all the non-expert tasks you’d have to do like video editing, recording, directing, setting the backend up, etc.?

Scott Paton has produced over 120 courses on Udemy.

He understands how to quickly set up your course for maximum exposure not only on Udemy, but also on other video platforms like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, ROKU, YouTube and other popular platforms.

The big problem is the movement to the lowest possible price.

Recently, YouTube and Amazon have dropped the payouts they make to content creators. In this course, Scott shares his strategy for leveraging your knowledge so that anything Udemy, YouTube, Amazon or the others pay you is a nice bonus.

This course is a “Watch-Over-Scott’s-Shoulder” style as Scott works with a real client/co-instructor to set up his course.

If you want to work with Scott, this course is required watching.

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