The Complete SEO Course: How To Drive Unlimited Free Traffic

A step-by-step guide to win the search results: keyword research, content strategy, technical SEO, backlinks, and more!

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What you’ll learn

  • Improve your search rankings and drive more free, organic search traffic
  • Grow a new website from scratch or build upon your existing strategy
  • Understand how search engines work and what they're looking for
  • Discover in-demand keywords to target with your content
  • Learn how to create high-ranking content on any topic, regardless of the competition
  • Optimize your website's code and metadata to help search engines understand what you have to offer
  • Improve your website's user experience to boost your SEO
  • Create a sitemap and submit it to the major search engines like Google and Bing
  • Understand the role of backlinks in SEO and how to attract links with your content


  • No prior SEO experience required. This is a beginner-friendly course.


Welcome to the Complete SEO Course, your step-by-step guide to winning the search results!

How would you like to tap into a traffic source that brings an unlimited number of visitors, leads, and customers to your website every day, absolutely free?

I’ve been building things on the web since 2007. Over the years, I’ve published thousands of pieces of content, and I’ve reached many millions of people through the power of free, organic search traffic.

In this course, I share the exact SEO strategies that I use to achieve those results. It’s designed as an actionable, step-by-step blueprint that you can use to plan and execute an SEO strategy that drives your business forward.

More specifically, here are some of the things we’ll cover:

  • A Brief Introduction to SEO: Understand the basic principles of SEO and explore how search engines actually work.

  • Keyword Research & Search Analysis: The process of finding the right keywords to target with your content, analyzing the competition, validating your ideas, and making a plan of attack to earn a top-ranking spot.

  • Content Creation: Learn how to create high-ranking content on any topic, regardless of the competition, using my “three levels of content.”

  • On-Page SEO: The various technical optimizations you’ll want to make to help search engines understand the context of your pages and how your content relates to your target keywords.

  • User Experience: Does your site load quickly enough? Is it mobile-friendly? These things can have a serious impact on your SEO.

  • Security: Learn how to secure your website so it doesn’t get hacked, which can be catastrophic for your SEO.

  • Getting Indexed: Create a sitemap and submit it to the major search engines so they can easily index your website.

  • Backlinks: Understand the role of backlinks in SEO, as well as how you can attract links with your content.

As you can see, we cover a lot of ground in this course. By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of SEO as a whole, and you’ll be well on your way to driving consistent, sustainable search traffic that you can convert to leads, customers, or users.

If that sounds good, go ahead and get yourself enrolled! I can’t wait to see you inside.

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