Sell More on Facebook – The Ultimate Sales & Marketing Guide

Grow Organic Reach

Deal Score-8

What you’ll learn

  • How to grow brand awareness on Facebook
  • How to maximise the chance of converting prospects to customers
  • All about the "customer journey" and how it relates to content
  • What content to publish on your Facebook page
  • How to plan content around a sales campaign
  • About the Facebook Algorithm and good posting practices that help you achieve higher organic (non paid) reach
  • How to create audiences for Faccebook Ads
  • The difference between cold and warm audiences and strategies for each
  • How Facebook Ad Campaigns are structured
  • How to set up an Ad using Facebook Ads Manager
  • Sales strategies for Facebook to maximise sales
  • 5 easy steps to planning a social media campaign


  • Have a personal profile/account on Facebook.


Expertly grow your Facebook audience!  Learn the skills Louise McDonnell has shared with over 8000 businesses about how to target, build and retain a desirable audience.

Louise is a Digital Marketing Expert and Author who has been working to support businesses and non-profit groups since 2009.   Louise is a successful and highly sought after Keynote Speaker who in 2018 was listed as one of the Top 10 Worldwide Facebook Experts by Blogger.Local and more recently, Designwizard listed  Louise as number 16 on the list of Ireland’s Top 50 Marketers.

This course offers in-depth and detailed content on aspects of Branding, Content Marketing, Beating the Facebook Algorithm and much more! 

Easily optimize your Facebook Ads to realize greater conversions and reduce your financial costs, grow likes and post engagements, and learn about some of the pitfalls that lead to Facebook failures.

Join now to take control of your Brand, Product or Service and excel the world of Facebook Marketing!

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