Instagram Photography Summary: Top3 Ways To Shoot Everything

Tired of taking lame, bad lit photos and dont know how to improve? Not to worry, together were going to fix that.

What you’ll learn

  • How to take pictures and how to make them look good
  • How to take photos for your online Instagram shop
  • Lighting, composition, angles


  • Instagram Account
  • Phone camera
  • Love for photography


Do you want to take beautiful photos?

Do you want your photos to be recognized?

Youre in luck, because thats exactly what we will be talking about in this course. Here we will start with the basics of photography and move from this to talking about how to sell with photos.

Exiting, isnt it? But even if you dont intent on selling something, you will the most important things about photography: all the definitions, angles, compositions, lighting.

Basically everything you need to make a gorgeous photo! Dont be shy to express yourself. If photography is art(it is!) thats what Im going to teach you in the first place. Come along!

This course is all about photography. Instagram photography, to be exact. In this course I will teach you how to take pictures and how to make them look good, look beautiful.

Here were going to touch upon some basic information you need to know about photography, some basic terminology and what that means and why we need it. But a bit later into the course, were going to talk about some advanced things like lighting, composition, etc. Everything useful, everything you must not forget about while taking your photos.

Most importantly, this course is about taking pictures for Instagram, so were going to talk about why your smartphone is just as good as a really expensive camera. Believe me when I say that you dont need top notch equipment to shoot your shots.

We also are going to talk about what your smartphone can do, and just trust me, it can do much more than you know.

Well be touching upon photo editing and how photo editing can make your shots look amazing. Yes, clean unedited photos will always be trendy, but try and guess how many of those photos REALLY werent touched with an editing tool. Want to know what editing can do? Youll just have to find out.

Lastly, we are going to talk about how you should take photos for your online Instagram shop. It doesnt matter what youre selling, because together were going to sell it better and make it look amazingly wanted.

Author(s): Express Skills Academy by James Renua, First Look Digital Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Nick Parker

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