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BUSTED: Check out what anaffiliate wasdoing….

This story starts a fewyears ago…

on theWarrior Foruma big name marketer wasdoing a big launch….

There were big prizes up forgrabs for the affiliates whomade the most sales.

So people were coming upwith smart (and not so smart)ways to get more sales.

One guy had the sheerridonkulous audacity tostuff his affiliate link cookieinto the entire thread on theforum as a hidden image.

This meant everyone seeingthe offer on the Forum wasinstantly cookied as his sale.

The bandit.

But he was caught red-handedand was ejected from the IM Spaceshipin an oxygen-free, windowless pod.

Affiliates get desperate.

And being desperate is okayas long as you channel it intodoing good things.

So if you’re desperate forbig results, big commissionsand big pay days don’t resortto shady tactics.

Just check out this course…..

No shady tactics here, justbattle-tested strategies whichmake you more money, fast;


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