2019 Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing made easy: Superclass

Learn to do Facebook Marketing & Facebook advertising (including Instagram advertising). Create & optimize campaigns – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Creating Facebook & Instagram ads from scratch
  • Fundamentals of Facebook marketing
  • Campaign creation: traffic, lead gen, conversion, app installs, etc.
  • Scaling campaigns that work well
  • How to determine what ads work best without wasting money


  • No, only willingness to learn and excitement


You are here because you want to make money through Facebook marketing and advertising. Maybe you tried running some campaigns. Or maybe you’re brand new to facebook advertising and you want to start generating revenue through the sale of your products and services.

My name is Darius. I’m a serial entrepreneur and marketer. I’m also a creator of the highest-rated marketing course on Udemy.

During the last 8 years of digital marketing experience I’ve profitably spent close to a $1million in ad-spend on Facebook alone. Mastering Facebook advertising has allowed me to build business, give keynote speeches and become a digital nomad. This year I’ve already lived in 7 different countries and absolutely love the freedom and control I have.


With this course you will get an understanding of how to create, optimize and scale facebook ads. I will walk you through the campaign creation process step-by-step so you can watch over my shoulder as I launch a campaign.

If you have your own product or service, you will know exactly how to set up your campaign to drive revenue without wasting money. If you want to become a consultant, you will know how to run campaigns for your clients and charge $100+ per hour, like I did when I started consulting.

In the course we are going to cover both Facebook and Instagram advertising. These platforms are changing so fast which is why I come back to this course almost every day, answer question and make sure everything is up to date.

What’s included:

We will cover all three major components of creating ads. We will start with the campaign level and understanding of the different objectives available like traffic, conversion, lead generation or app install campaigns for example. Then we’ll move on to ad-set level and you will know how to target the perfect audience for your product or service. Finally we’ll cover the ad level and how to design creatives that get people to buy from you.

Ideal student

You don’t need any prior experience and I will explain the important concepts.

Thank you for taking the time. I am confident that you will gain 100x more value than what you invest into this course. Click on the enroll button and let’s get started.

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