[Free] Slicer Master: How To Save 80% Of Your Kitchen Prep Time

Various ways to utilize a multi use tomato slicer and cut meal preparation time in half – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to cut or slice tomatoes and vegetables in perfect shapes quickly and safely
  • Learn to use simple tools to develop your culinary skills
  • Basic knife skills to help you work safely and efficiently in the kitchen
  • The skill of food preparation so you can become more efficient and quicker in the kitchen
  • Discover a unique way to prepare weekly meals using ingredients you already have in the kitchen


  • A tomato slicer
  • Basic cooking supplies and ingredients available in your kitchen
  • An interest in improving the efficiency of your cooking


First of all, this course will teach you the simplest and easiest ways of cutting tomatoes and other vegetables like a pro. You can reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen and simplify the cutting process as you choose the right cutting tool for your food. Having uniformly cut vegetables allows you to create a dish that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also delicious.

Next, you will also learn how to hold and use a knife safely, as well as different types of cuts when cooking. You need this skill for two reasons: it will help you work with a knife safely and for smarter, faster work. Once you have mastered the art of knife cutting, you can make nice presentations of your dishes.

Lastly, learn about how to prep food on a weekly basis which will help save a lot of time and money. The course will teach you the unique and practical ways to cook various healthier but tastier meals at home so can eat out less and make a significant change in your diet. No more spending hours in the kitchen worrying about what to cook for dinner, and your family won’t nag you for the boring and repetitive weeknight dinners.

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