Prepare Homemade Italian Lasagna in 5 Versions

A Masterclass on preparing original Italian Lasagna in different versions starting from fresh pasta made from scratch.

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What you’ll learn

  • You'll learn everything I know about Lasagna making including my nonna's secrets and tricks! At the end of the course you'll master how to make fresh pasta with your own hands and how to prepare Lasagna to make your family and friends happy in all occasions.


  • You can use a machine to knead the dough, but I'll also show you how to knead with you hands. It's a great body exercise!
  • You can use a machine to roll lasagna sheets, but I'll also show you how to roll with a rolling pin.


Learn from a real Italian instructor how to make the original Lasagna at home! I have a motto that at the end of the course will become your own “Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna!”

From today on you’ll be able to make fresh pasta from scratch and amazing Lasagna in different versions to surprise and pamper your family and friends.

I’ll share with you my Nonna and Mamma’s secrets and tricks and open a world of opportunities to experiment with incredible Lasagna variations great for all occasions and seasons.

You’ll learn:

– how to make fresh lasagna pasta sheets at home following my nonna’s secrets and learning how to knead and roll by hand or with a machine,

– how to make fresh pasta also in green with spinach to use for different versions of Lasagna,

– how to prepare Traditional Lasagna with Bolognese and Bechamel Sauce,

– how to prepare Pizza Lasagna with Mozzarella and a dense Tomato Sauce,

– how to prepare Vegetarian Lasagna with Vegetarian Bolognese and Tomato&Ricotta Sauce,

– how to prepare a light and sophisticated Pesto-Shrimp-Mozzarella Lasagna with fresh Basil Pesto made at home following my mamma’s cookbook,

– how to prepare Pumpkin Lasagna and its gluten free bonus variation.

With my step-by-step instructions you won’t need fancy machines at home (but if you have them, you can use them all right!) because I’ll teach you also how to knead and roll by hand. Believe me: it’s much easier and much more fun than you think and also a great exercise.

Moreover, you’ll find downloadable resources with the ingredients I use for each version of Lasagna.

It’s time to fill your fridge and freezer with Lasagna pans and also to experiment your own Lasagna.

Welcome to the Lasagna Makers Club: Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna!

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