[82% Off] Pencil Drawing : Ultimate Hyper Realistic Portrait Drawing

Comprehensive Hyper-real Portrait Drawing and Sketching, Art of Portrait Drawing & Shading step by step, Pencil Drawing

What you’ll learn

  • – Getting to know about the required tools for sketching the face
  • – The principles of precise transfer of the model to the paper with the use of chequered lines
  • – Basic tutorial of sketching and shading with brushes
  • – The tutorial of working with different kinds of erasers ( dough electronic etude ) for creating lights
  • – The way of using different brushes in order to create a hyperreal face
  • – The way of using pencil powder in order to create a hyper real art masterpiece
  • – Hyper real drawings with pencil and brush (eyes nose lips eyelashes eyebrows ears hair fingers )


  • – Paper
  • – Conte pencil
  • – Pencil powder
  • – Brushes in different sizes
  • – Dough, etude, and electronic erasers
  • – Cutter
  • – Fader
  • – White pen


Welcome to “Ultimate Realistic Portrait Drawing & Shading A to Z” course . this course will teach you how you can create hyper real portraits so easily from basics . this tutorial will help you a lot in learning this style of painting with a very simple and basic figure of speech. This course does not need any pre-knowledge and even if you have just a little interest ,with the help of this course you can easily create hyper real sketches and drawings. Because we have tried to teach you all phases and steps completely step by step. And now what is hyper real drawing ?

Hyper real is a form of painting and sculpting. The result of this form of art looks like a picture or photo with a very high quality and resolution. Hyper-realism is seen as a breakthrough in photo realism using methods to create paintings.

The way of applying details in hyper-real form

Hyper Real paintings and sculptures create a tangible physical strength and presence through subtle lighting and shadow effects. Shapes, forms, and areas close to the forehead of the image appear visually beyond the front of the canvas. Many paintings are made using acrylic, oil, charcoal or a combination of them using a hair brush.

Usage of hyper-real style in chiaroscuro painting

Hyper-real style is used in chiaroscuro painting using high quality images as a model. Chiaroscuro painters try to use all the details in the model photo in the work, using the tools needed in this technique. The result is acceptable to the artists when there is justthe slightest difference between a photograph and a chiaroscuro. By comparing the model with the final sketch, you will realize how accurate the work is and without the slightest difference from the model

So it is better not to waste time and become a skilled painter right now with the help of this course.

Author(s): Mariya Karim, Milad Ahmadi

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