[82% Off] Painting In Ink On Paper By International Artist

Painting For Beginners: Paint With Ink On Paper With Award Winning International Artist Katrina Read

What you’ll learn

  • Learn tips and tricks to paint with ink on paper, and work towards painting botanicals from International artist, and the creator of two brands, Katrina Read.
  • This course starts with the basics fundamentals of painting and applies it through guided tasks using ink on paper. You will gain access to support downloads.
  • Gain confidence to apply the tips and tricks you have learnt to start to paint botanical elements and understand composition, light, gradients and colour.
  • Work with a professional level artist and designer to gain valuable insight into what it takes to develop a style and learn about Katrina’s own brand story.
  • How to master basic techniques.
  • Unlimited access to rework your downloads and develop your own style.
  • Learn tips on how to approach your art as a business.
  • How to avoid your painting looking washed out by learning to build in layers.
  • How to blend and tone your artwork with gradients, tones and shades.
  • How to paint in details and depth.
  • Gain an understanding of how ink behaves on different papers.
  • Learn how to mix your colours and work with a colour wheel.


  • No experience necessary. This course is for beginners, and intermediate painters who want to learn a new skill or update their current skills.
  • A supply list of some of my studio favourites is provided. You can adapt to suit your own requirements.


Painting in Ink or Watercolour is fun, and also very relaxing.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint with beautiful inks on paper?

This fun guided beginner’s course will take you on a journey starting with the fundamentals of painting working with some guided tasks and build your confidence towards creating your own botanical painting.

Painting in ink is a beautiful medium and something you can take anywhere you go. Maybe you have already started to paint and just need a little guidance to help you overcome some painting blocks.

  • Learn tips and tricks to help you overcome your fear of applying the ink onto the paper to form some beautiful pieces you can be proud of.

  • Painting can capture moments in time and is something personal that you can do in your own time anywhere in the world.

  • Capture the beauty of nature and learn how to see plants and flowers through a designers eyes.

  • Learning to paint is a skill you can take with you and do with friends for a bit of fun or as a bonding exercise with your family.

  • Working with inks is fun and they are easy to use to paint any subject matter.


My name is Katrina Read and Ihave been an artist and designer for over thirty years. Ihave painted for major banks, hotels and private clients Internationally and have won several awards. My work hangs in some of the most expensive homes, and five star hotels in Australia and throughout Asia and has been sold to clients around the world. Ialso know what it takes to develop a distinctive style to develop your own painting identity in the market having painted for some major brands. Ihave been featured in several magazines and on television and Iam the owner and founder of two National brands, Arty Hearts and Katrina Read, Sydney. I have illustrated and designed thousands of products for my own brands and my work features on everything from greeting cards, to stationery, pure silk eye masks, candles, homewares and outdoor textiles. Ialso have two major fine art collections with one at an investment level that is sold to private collectors around the world.

Notable Achievements:

Clients have included:

  • ANZ Private Bank, DBSBank, OCBCBank, Sea World, Shangri-La Hotels, Nespresso and many more

  • Featured in:

  • Millionaire Asia

  • Prestige Magazine

  • The Artist Palette

  • ANZA Magazine

  • New Idea Magazine

  • Studio 10

  • Country Style

  • Arty Hearts


I not only live and breath the creative arts, it is my business as well. Art is involved in almost everything I do. Ihave been a painter for as long as Ican remember, but over thirty years Ihave also taken those skills forward to create two National brands that supply retailers Nationally across Australia, and my fine art is sold globally to blue chip collectors.

Art is meant to be enjoyed. It breathes life into the ordinary and has the power to move people on an emotional level.

Art is not just my passion, it is my life, and my business.

I cannot wait to share my courses with you a teach you a few practical tips and tricks that Ihave learnt along the way which has helped me both as a surface artist, and as a professional fine art painter.

When you learn with me, you are learning with someone who lives and breathes it everyday, and who works as an industry professional.

Art is instinctive, and is a medium that conveys emotion to the viewer. In this course I want to help you not only have some fun, but to develop some skills to build your confidence as well. It is my hope that this experience into the world of painting starts to feel like second nature to you so you not only notice more of the beauty around you, but to equip you for when you continue onto your next art-venture!

Now lets create something beautiful…

Author(s): Katrina Read

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