Paint And Draw A Colorful Rainbow Dragonfly With Watercolors

Overcome the challenges of watercolor splashes and create a colorful dragonfly watercolor painting! – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Drawing and painting a dragonfly
  • Creating colorful watercolor splashes
  • How to paint waterlilies


  • There aren't any prerequisites, however it will be much easier to follow if you have a bit of experience in watercolors.
  • Print out the lineart template from the class.


Online watercolor dragonfly painting class – easy step by step approach from scratch to finish with Eliza the Watercolour Witch!

Watch her create a colorful raingbow dragonfly with watercolor and do the same following her easy-to-follow steps!

Is this you?


  • Love to paint, but worry that youre not artistic enough and will not be able to paint as well as other people

  • Try to learn watercolor techniques by reading books that sound easier than they really are

  • Find it difficult to control the amount of water to paint ratio on the paper

  • Struggle with wet on wet consistently; have difficulty in figuring out how much water to use when painting with watercolors

  • Wish you could control the flow of the paint more

  • Always have a hard time finding a motive. And when you finally do you struggle to make your painting look exactly like what you have in mind.

I could go on and on about the different struggles that painters like you go through every day, but that wont change anything itll only make matters worse.

You dont want a constant reminder of what youre doing wrong. What you need is a way out, a fun new way to start creating the watercolor botanical painting of your dreams.

Although it doesnt look like it

and you may be thinking that this is way too hard. Trust me it is WAY easier than it looks. If you can trace an outline and color it in, you can do this. Seriously, you have to try it!

And The Best Part

You dont have to spend thousands of dollars in art school or spend years learning things that work and things that dont!

What if you could skip all that and get a professional step-by-step training from a watercolorist who has taught more than 23000 students around the globe on how to watercolor with ease?

That way you dont spend your precious days collecting hundreds of art supplies youll never use or buying art books and watching countless watercolor videos that in the end just make you want to give up painting entirely!

You want something a bit more structured. The RIGHT training that cuts off all the fluff and teaches you the ONLY things that matter basically everything you need to master creating your own watercolor portrait.


WATERCOLOR CLASS Colorful Dragonfly Painting

Easy to follow step-by-step online class that shows you how to accurately paint a portrait with great likeness!

Overcome the challenges of watercolor portrait and take control of your painting!

The place is HERE, and the time is NOW!

If painting a dragonfly is a challenge or mystery, then come learn Fail-Proof yet Simple Techniques in a class offered by an illustrator and watercolor art teacher: Eliza, the Watercolour Witch.

She has taught more than 23000 students all over the world on how to watercolor the easy way and will be sharing her secrets on how to paint in a colorful rainbow dragonfly.

In this painting class, Eliza have made the entire process easy. That means

  • You will have a line art template ready, so you can skip the drawing part and all you need to do is color the line art into the finished painting

  • The dragonfly you will paint wont be in realistic style but in Elizas signature style. So, if you like her artworks, you can learn her techniques on how to paint botanical paintings like hers.

This class will combine instructions, demonstrations, and discussion!

This class is perfect for Beginners (even if youve never handled a brush before) and Experienced Artists (who can pick up some new techniques).


In this course Eliza is going to talk about:

  • How to paint this colorful dragonfly from line art to finish.

  • How to create vibrant rainbow colors with just a basic color pallette.

  • How to create an effortless watercolor splashes that will make your painitng even more outstanding

And much more…

Moreover you can discover and practice basic drawing and inking techniques with Eliza.

While in other classes you need to sketch the project yourself, in this beginner-friendly class a downloadable line art template (coloring page) is included, which takes away the stress of having to produce a sketch before the painting.

What more could you ask for?

Enroll in the course now!

Author(s): Eliza, the Watercolour Witch

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